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Explore Mandarin Tutor HK's Classes in Wan Chai

Welcome to Mandarin Tutor HK in the heart of Hong Kong. Our courses cater to various stages of learning, with a special focus on Wan Chai.

For Adults & Corporate:

For Children:

  • IB & IGCSE Courses: [View Details]

  • Alternative CurriculumsPlaygroups, Nanny Services, Tailored Mandarin lessons or other inquiries, contact us.

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Class Options

Explore Our Mandarin Tutoring Services


For Children

Engage in PYP, MYP, and IGCSE Mandarin classes in Hong Kong, crafted for young learners to develop a solid foundation and love for the language.

 Mandarin Courses for

For Adults

Join Mandarin lessons in Wan Chai tailored for adult learners, enhancing communication and business fluency within the context of Chinese culture.


For Business

Corporate Mandarin courses designed to strengthen professional communication and cultural competence in HK for Mandarin-speaking markets.


Private Lessons

Aileen's private Mandarin lessons offer customized, flexible learning. Achieve your personal goals, whether for leisure, academic or business, Mandarin excellence.


Group Classes

Group Mandarin class in Hong Kong for collaborative learning. Ideal for HSK, HSKK preparation, or beginning a PYP Mandarin cohort.

Classes and Courses for Every Learner


HSK Exam Preparation Classes

Enroll in our HSK Exam Preparation Course, featuring a series of classes designed to build your Mandarin from the ground up. Starting with fundamental pinyin, these classes progress through to essential conversation and writing skills for Mandarin learners in Hong Kong.

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HSKK Mandarin Speaking Exam Preparation Classes

Join our HSKK Mandarin Speaking Course for classes focused on improving your oral Mandarin skills. These classes are perfect for Hong Kong learners targeting the HSKK speaking certification.

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Intensive Mandarin Conversation Classes

Our Intensive Mandarin Conversation Course includes classes that quickly elevate your Mandarin speaking skills. Tailored to fit your schedule, these classes cater to both Mandarin beginners and those looking to polish their language skills.

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Native Social Mandarin Class

Our Native Social Mandarin Course offers classes where you can immerse yourself in authentic Mandarin dialogue. Experience social Mandarin through our classes that keep you connected with the latest cultural trends, supported by our unique learning app.

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