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Adult Mandarin Classes in Wan Chai with Mandarin Tutor HK

Engage in Real Mandarin Conversations

Join our Social Mandarin Classes in Wan Chai and communicate with the ease of a local. Designed for adults, these classes take you beyond the basics to authentic Mandarin fluency. With our flexible study app, improve your Mandarin anytime, anywhere. Start with the essentials or enhance your social and professional Mandarin skills with us.

What You'll Learn in Our 6-Level Course

  • Comprehensive Topics: Progress through six levels and 180 lessons, from daily chit-chat to complex social situations.

  • Language Proficiency: Acquire over 1,300 vocabulary terms and 973 characters, essential for fluency.

  • Practical Communication: Cover 262 essential topics for engaging in any Chinese social scene.

Social Mandarin Class Learning Models

Short term, comprehensive or interactive

Social Mandarin Class: Level 1 Overview

  • Flexibility: Customizable 40-60 hours, 10 units

  • Tailoring: Personalize your path; focus on what matters to you


Social Mandarin Lessons: Level 1

Unit 1: Hello, I’m Mike. - **Learning Goals:** Basic greetings, Introduce yourself and others - **Grammar Points:** Personal pronouns, Questions with "谁 (shéi)", "是 (shì)" sentences - **Examples:** Saying "Hello" (你好 nǐ hǎo), Introducing oneself (我是张芳芳 wǒ shì zhāng fāng fāng) - **Chinese Characters to Learn:** 11 - **Vocabularies to Learn:** 18 --- Unit 2: My surname is Kim; full name is Kim Taesung. - **Learning Goals:** Ask and tell family names and given names - **Grammar Points:** Questions with "什么 (shén me)", Yes-or-no questions, The adverb "也 (yě)" - **Examples:** Asking someone's name (您贵姓 nín guì xìng), Saying "I'm sorry" (对不起 duì bù qǐ) - **Chinese Characters to Learn:** 24 - **Vocabularies to Learn:** 18 --- Unit 3: I come from London, UK. - **Learning Goals:** Ask and tell nationality and place of birth - **Grammar Points:** Using "不 (bù)" for negation, Questions with "哪儿 (nǎr)" or "什么地方 (shén me dì fāng)" - **Examples:** Asking nationality (你是哪国人 nǐ shì nǎ guó rén), Saying "Thank you" (谢谢 xiè xiè) - **Chinese Characters to Learn:** 24 - **Vocabularies to Learn:** 28 --- Unit 4: I work in a company. - **Learning Goals:** Ask and tell occupation - **Grammar Points:** Adverbials of time and place, Noun/pronoun + "的 (de)" + noun - **Examples:** Asking someone’s occupation (你做什么工作 nǐ zuò shén me gōng zuò), Saying "I like this job" (我喜欢这个工作 wǒ xǐ huān zhè ge gōng zuò) - **Chinese Characters to Learn:** 26 - **Vocabularies to Learn:** 27 --- Unit 5: How old are you? - **Learning Goals:** Ask and tell age - **Grammar Points:** Numerals, Questions with "几 (jǐ)" - **Examples:** Asking and telling a child’s age (你今年几岁 nǐ jīn nián jǐ suì), Asking and telling an adult's age (你今年多大 nǐ jīn nián duō dà) - **Chinese Characters to Learn:** 24 - **Vocabularies to Learn:** 19 --- Unit 6: Her boyfriend is very handsome! (他帅不帅? Tā shuài bù shuài?) - **Learning Goals:** Learn to use simple terms to describe one’s height, weight, and general appearance - **Grammar Points:** The alternative questions, Questions with "多 + adjective", The positive-negative questions, Sentences with an adjectival predicate, Adverbs of degree - **Vocabularies to Learn:** 30 - **Chinese Characters to Learn:** 26 --- Unit 7: I live in Yangguang Residential District (我住在阳光小区. Wǒ zhù zài yángguāng xiǎoqū) - **Learning Goals:** Learn to tell one’s location and address - **Grammar Points:** The expression of ordinal numbers, The expression of direction or locality, The "A + 离 + B + 远/近" structure - **Vocabularies to Learn:** 40 - **Chinese Characters to Learn:** 38 --- Unit 8: I like an extended family (我喜欢大家庭. Wǒ xǐhuān dà jiātíng) - **Learning Goals:** Learn to ask/tell briefly about family members - **Grammar Points:** The "有" sentences indicating possession, The sentence tag "了", The expression of "only": 只有 - **Vocabularies to Learn:** 35 - **Chinese Characters to Learn:** 33 --- Unit 9: I’ve been very busy recently (我最近很忙. Wǒ zuìjìn hěn máng) - **Learning Goals:** Learn to ask and tell the time, and describe one’s daily arrangements in simple terms - **Grammar Points:** Point of time + 了, Adverbials of time: Time + verb phrase; ...以前/以后 + verb phrase, Questions with "几点" and "什么时候" - **Vocabularies to Learn:** 40 - **Chinese Characters to Learn:** 35 --- Unit 10: Let me introduce (让我介绍一下儿. Ràng wǒ jièshào yīxiàr) - **Learning Goals:** Learn to briefly introduce someone’s basic information - **Grammar Points:** Adverbial of time, Adverbial of place, Sentences with an adjectival predicate ("很/非常/真 + adjective" or "太 + adjective + 了"), Verb + 一下儿/Reduplication of the verb - **Vocabularies to Learn:** 25 - **Chinese Characters to Learn:** 20

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