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Special Rates on Mandarin Lessons!

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Mandarin Tutor HK - Aileen Ting

Nov 8, 2023

Kickstart Your Mandarin Learning Journey with Our Special Promotion!

🎉 Exciting Launch Promotion at Mandarin Tutor HK! 🎉

Kickstart your Mandarin journey with a FREE trial lesson and special package rates!

✨ Group Lessons: Only HKD 200/person

✨ One-on-One Lessons: HKD 300/hr with an 8-hour package at our office

✨ Standard One-on-One Rate: HKD 350/hr without a package at our office

✨ Home Visits: HKD 400/hr with an 8-hour package

✨ Regular Home Visit Rate: HKD 450/hr without a package

Book now to lock in these introductory rates!

For more details and to claim your free trial, visit

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