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Join "Rainbow Dragon" – Interactive Mandarin Classes for IB & IGCSE Students in Wan Chai

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Discover Mandarin classes in Hong Kong's Vibrant Wan Chai

Engaged students learning Mandarin with Mandrin Tutor HK in Wan Chai.

🌈 Dive into the engaging world of Mandarin with our "Rainbow Dragon Level 1" course, perfect for IB (MYP, PYP) and IGCSE learners in Wan Chai.

Group Mandarin class with Mandrin Tutor HK in Wan Chai.

👋 Hello, aspiring language masters! Have you explored our uniquely crafted Mandarin classes? Get a glimpse of our foundational unit: "Who Is This?" and begin your journey into

the Mandarin language.

🎯 Unit Highlights:

Master introductions and identify family members in Mandarin, a fundamental step for any Mandarin tutor's curriculum. Perfect for students in Hong Kong seeking to enrich their IB or IGCSE language skills.

🎥 Learning Resources:

Watch our demo video tailored for Hong Kong's dynamic learning environment and access our exclusive Quizlet sets and activities sheets designed for Wan Chai's diverse student community.

📝 Extras!

Love it? Quizlet Here! + Activities sheet attached!

📝 Ready to Start?

Embrace Mandarin lessons that blend cultural richness with the educational excellence of Wan Chai. Reach out for questions or sign up to experience the Mandarin language like never before!

七色龙 1.1 crossword
Download PDF • 51KB

七色龙 1.1 ladder_snake
Download PDF • 708KB

七色龙 1.1 domino
Download PDF • 165KB

七色龙 1.1 physical activities
Download PDF • 528KB

七色龙 1.1 wordsearch
Download PDF • 74KB

七色龙 1.1 writing
Download PDF • 189KB

七色龙 1.1 matching
Download PDF • 16KB

七色龙 1.1 bingocard
Download PDF • 29KB

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