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HSK 1 Mandarin Group Class - Thursday

2-3 Students, 16 Hours Beginner Course (Thurs 7:30pm)

  • From 3,200 Hong Kong dollars
  • 154-162 Queen's Road East, Wanchai

Service Description

This HSK 1 Mandarin Group Class is designed to help beginners gain a foundational understanding of Mandarin Chinese. The course spans 32 hours in total, split into two 16-hour segments. Classes are held every Sunday at 10:30am, perfect for those with busy weekday schedules. Total Duration: 32 Hours (16 Hours per segment) Course Structure: Part 1 (First 16 Hours): Lesson 1: 你好 (Hello) - 2 hours Lesson 2: 谢谢你 (Thank you) - 2 hours Lesson 3: 你叫什么名字 (What’s your name?) - 2 hours Lesson 4: 她是我的汉语老师 (She is my Chinese teacher) - 2 hours Lesson 5: 她女儿今年二十岁 (Her daughter is 20 years old this year) - 2.5 hours Lesson 6: 我会说汉语 (I can speak Chinese) - 2 hours Lesson 7: 今天几号 (What’s the date today) - 2 hours Lesson 8: 我想喝茶 (I’d like some tea) - 2 hours Part 2 (Second 16 Hours): Lesson 9: 你儿子在哪儿工作 (Where does your son work) - 2 hours Lesson 10: 我能坐这儿吗 (Can I sit here) - 2 hours Lesson 11: 现在几点 (What’s the time now) - 2 hours Lesson 12: 明天天气怎么样 (What will the weather be like tomorrow) - 2 hours Lesson 13: 他在学做中国菜呢 (He is learning to cook Chinese food) - 2 hours Lesson 14: 她买了不少衣服 (She has bought quite a few clothes) - 2 hours Lesson 15: 我是坐飞机来的 (I came here by air) - 2.5 hours Lesson 16: Mock Test - 1 hour Pricing: Price per segment: HK$3,200 Full Course (32 Hours): HK$5,760 (10% discount if purchasing both parts together) Note: The textbook suggests each lesson should take 2-3 hours, totaling 35-40 hours for the entire curriculum. This course is designed to be completed in 32 hours, suitable for faster learners. Those needing more help can purchase discounted private lessons for additional support. According to HKU SPACE, "HSK Level 1 would be most suitable for students who in the past six months have attended Chinese classes not less than 2-3 hours per week (48-78 hours)." For more details about the HSK course and resources or detailed lesson plans, please visit:

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Group Class Booking Policy 1. **Class Size and Duration:** - Minimum of 2 students to start. - If only one person signs up, the class duration will be shortened to 45 minutes. 2. **Prorated Fees for New Students:** - New students joining an ongoing class will pay a prorated fee based on the remaining hours. - Example: If a student joins after 10 classes (10 hours) in a 32-hour course, they will pay for the remaining 22 hours at HKD 200 per hour. 3. **Catch-Up Options for New Students:** - Private Lessons: Discounted rate of HKD 350 per hour, available only to group class students. Regular private lesson rate is HKD 450 per hour with a minimum purchase of 8 hours. - Group Catch-Up Sessions: HKD 200 per hour, divided among participants. 4. **No Make-Up Classes for Missed Sessions:** - No free make-up classes for missed group sessions. - Private make-up lessons available at a discounted rate of HKD 350 per hour. Private lessons follow a 24-hour cancellation policy. If a session is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, the full lesson fee will be charged. 5. **Booking Modifications and Cancellations:** - No modifications or refunds unless a written notice is served 2 weeks in advance. 6. **No Refunds for Non-Attendance:** - All payments are non-refundable in cases of dropouts, extended leave, or other forms of non-attendance. 7. **Late Arrival and Absence Policy:** - Students arriving more than 30 minutes late without prior notice will be considered absent for the day. - Students absent for 3 days or more without notice will be presumed to have discontinued. 8. **Rescheduling Due to Weather or Public Holidays:** - Classes rescheduled for Typhoon 8 or Black Rainstorm warnings. - Free make-up classes for public holidays. 9. **Materials and Preparation:** - Free PDF materials are provided. - Physical books and additional materials will be purchased on behalf of the student. The cost will be invoiced separately, typically ranging from HKD 100 to HKD 200 per item. 10. **Discounts:** - 10% discount if paying for the full course duration in advance. This applies to all group classes, regardless of the total hours required to complete the course.

Contact Details

  • On Hing Mansion, Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

    +852 51776613

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