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Learn Cantonese with Expert Tutors in Hong Kong

Experience effective and enjoyable Cantonese classes in Hong Kong. Our lessons are designed to inspire and excite, making Cantonese learning fun and practical. With personalized attention, we help each student achieve their language goals.

Should I Learn Cantonese or Mandarin?


  • Dialects: Spoken in Hong Kong, multiple tones, rich in colloquial usage.

  • Unique Expression: Varies widely in spoken form, challenging yet rewarding.

  • Pronunciation Systems: Multiple systems, with Jyutping being the most popular.


  • Official Language: Standardized, spoken across China.

  • Simpler Tones: Four tones, easier for beginners.

  • Ease of Learning: Mandarin is generally easier to learn with more resources available for learners.


Explore the services we offer, each designed to meet your Cantonese learning needs.

Private Cantonese Lessons

Private Cantonese Lessons

Cantonese group classes

Group Cantonese Classes

Beginner to Advanced Levels

HKD 200/hour per person

(Contact us for more details)

Corporate Cantonese Lessons

Corporate Training

Custom programs to enhance team communication in Cantonese (Contact us for more details)

Why Choose Our Cantonese Classes?

Most Popular Cantonese Coursebooks Used by our Cantonese Tutor

Communicate in Cantonese  快趣廣州話

Communicate in Cantonese

  • Overview: A compact, easy-to-carry book with good structure, covering 27 topics.

  • Content: Small, easy-to-remember portions ideal for beginners.

  • Availability: Old and out of print, but PDFs or printed copies are provided.

  • Pronunciation: Uses its own pronunciation guide, different from others.

Communicate in Cantonese sample .pdf

Cantonese step by step 1.png

Cantonese Step By Step

  • Overview: Structured content with vocabulary, grammar, and useful expressions.

  • Content: Covers a lot of food-related vocabulary like "yam cha".

  • Tools: Includes both Cantonese and Mandarin with pinyin, engaging illustrations, and online audio clips with QR codes. E-book available on Google Play.

  • Notes: Overwhelming for beginners due to extensive vocabulary and sentence structures; lacks structured conversational practice.

Cantonese Step By Step 1st edition sample .pdf

Cantonese for Everyone

Cantonese for Everyone

  • Overview: A well-structured book suitable for CEFR A1 to A2 levels, covering 15 topics.

  • Content: Good exercises and detailed explanations; includes longer vocab lists (15-25 words per unit) and extensive back-and-forth conversations.

  • Tools: Uses the Yale Romanization System, includes audio with QR codes, and is available on Google Play.

  • Notes: More academic and structured, making it challenging and potentially boring for some students; many exercises might be overwhelming.

Cantonese for Everyone sample .pdf

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