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HSKK Speaking Class at Mandarin Tutor HK

Join Aileen Ting's specially-designed HSKK speaking exam preparation course in Hong Kong and enhance your Mandarin speaking abilities. Curriculums are tailored to the HSKK exam and structured for success.

Experience our HSKK Speaking Class in Wan Chai.

HSKK Speaking Prep

Understanding HSKK  Speaking Exam


HSK and HSKK Recent Changes

Beginning January 2023, as per the Center for Language Education and Cooperation, significant changes have been implemented in the HSK and HSKK exams:

  • Unified Exam Dates: Exam takers of HSK levels 3 to 6 must take the corresponding HSKK oral tests on the same date.

  • Specific Pairings:

    • HSK level 3 with HSKK Primary Level

    • HSK level 4 with HSKK Intermediate Level

    • HSK levels 5 and 6 with HSKK Advanced Level

  • Combined Results: Scores for both written and oral exams will be reported together.

Insight: This emphasis on integrating both written and spoken Mandarin skills is significant. Stay updated with the latest at Mandarin Tutor Hong Kong.

Prepare for the New HSK+HSKK Format with Mandarin Tutor Hong Kong

Our courses are now updated to meet the new HSK and HSKK combined exam format. We focus on both written and oral skills to ensure you are fully prepared for the exams.

Exam Format: HSK exams are paper-based tests in Simplified Chinese. No online or home-based options.

For the latest HSK and HSKK schedule, visit HKU SPACE HSK Test Information.

Stay updated and ready with Mandarin Tutor Hong Kong for your HSK and HSKK exams.

Why Choose HSKK?

  • Speaking Skills: HSKK is essential for demonstrating your spoken Mandarin abilities, especially with the new integrated HSK oral exams.

  • Practical Use: Unlike HSK, which focuses on writing, HSKK proves your conversational skills in Mandarin.

  • Global Standard: Recognized worldwide, HSKK is the benchmark for evaluating spoken Mandarin proficiency.

  • Real-world Application: Prepares you for actual conversations in Mandarin-speaking areas, not just theoretical knowledge.

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