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Intensive Mandarin Lessons in Wan Chai at Mandarin Tutor HK

Advance rapidly with our intensive Mandarin lessons in Wan Chai. Tailored to your personal goals, these private sessions evolve your conversational skills to advanced fluency. Begin your one-on-one Mandarin journey and speak with confidence!

Intensive Mandarin Lessons: Optimized for Rapid Progress & Suited for Personalized Tutoring

  • Surpassing HSK: Our private lessons offer in-depth Mandarin learning, surpassing the basics of HSK with a richer vocabulary and nuanced understanding.

  • Beyond HSKK: Go further than HSKK with lessons that enhance reading and writing abilities, crucial for comprehensive Mandarin mastery.

  • Tailored Pacing: Opt for quick progression or in-depth exploration. Our lessons adapt to your learning speed and style.

  • Speed & Depth: Our intensive Mandarin lessons provide the flexibility for rapid advancement or thorough language immersion, depending on your preference.

Intensive Mandarin Conversation Course - Level 1

Unlock Mandarin fluency with structured, intensive lessons tailored for swift progression.


Intensive Mandarin Lessons: Level 1 Content

Lesson 1 - Hello Pronunciation: Introduction to Chinese phonetics Function: Greeting people in Chinese Characters: Brief intro to strokes, Numbers "一" to "十" Lesson 2 - What Is Your Name? Pronunciation: e, ai, ei, ao, ou, an, en, ang, eng Function: Asking and introducing name and nationality Characters: "亻", "女", "口", "人", "你", "好", "叫", "名" Lesson 3 - How Are You? Pronunciation: i, ia, iao, ian Function: Making small talk about health and well-being Characters: "心", "我", "很", "好" Lesson 4 - Where Are You Going? Pronunciation: i, ia, ie, iao, iou(iu), ian, in, iang, ing, iong Function: Taking a taxi and asking about the price Characters: "夕", "土", "辶", "多", "块", "场", "远", "近" Lesson 5 - What Would You Like To Eat? Pronunciation: u, ua, uo, uai, uei(ui), uan, uen(un), uang, ueng, ü, üe, üan, ün Function: Ordering food at a restaurant Characters: "艹", "忄", "饣", "吃", "菜", "快", "饭", "饿" Lesson 6 - Where Do You Work? Function: Discussing employment and workplace Language Points: Using "在" + location word as an adverbial Characters: "口", "木", "田", "国", "果", "男", "留", "做" Lesson 7 - Where Is The Bank of China? Function: Asking for and giving directions Language Points: Indicating existence with "有", using "在", using "就" Characters: "宀", "广", "扌", "家", "店", "拐", "知", "道" Lesson 8 - When Is Your Birthday? Function: Asking about birthdays and making invitations Language Points: Sentence with a nominal predicate, expressions of dates and days of the week Characters: "氵", "日", "目", "漂", "晚", "看", "星", "号" Lesson 9 - Do You Like Chinese or American Movies? Function: Discussing hobbies and means of transportation Language Points: Using the modal particle "吧" Characters: "心", "𧾷", "钅", "怎", "路", "铁", "喜", "地" Lesson 10 - How Many People Are In Your Family? Function: Discussing family and age Characters: "灬", "犭", "彳", "照", "狗", "律", "姐", "妹"

Intensive Mandarin Lessons Booking

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